About the company

Waste reduction and recycling is not only our business, it is our way of life.

We are trying to reduce carbon emissions through the use of modern laser cutting, more efficient use of metal to reduce waste, while using modern technological components and energy-saving controls that consume less power and safer during exploitation.

The equipment offered by our company is focused on maximum efficiency with ease in management, that our clients feel confident when working with waste.

Our wide range includes Vertical Balers, Horizontal Balers, Press Compactors for all the types and volumes of waste made from high quality materials using modern technologies.

Vertical Baler, Vertical Press, Vertical Packing Machine

Waste management equipment

Advantages of our equipment

The Largest Producer

the largest producer of vertical presses in Ukraine, whose lineup is constantly expanding

Quality of equipment

high demands on the quality of metal structures, the best electrical and hydraulic components to provide high reliability equipment


qualified service allows us to guarantee the high quality and long life of the equipment