Compactors for rent

The problem of waste accumulation is a priority for every company. The vast majority of enterprises engaged in production, sales, logistics accumulate large amounts of waste. They have to be stored and exported. Such accumulation interferes with the normal functioning of the organization, creating additional costs and affects compliance with sanitary norms.

Is there a way to reduce these costs a lot? Yes, and very simple – just rent a compactor, which will effectively compress waste. Due to pressing, the amount of waste is reduced from 5 to 20 times, which means that the costs of their storage and transportation are reduced in proportion.

What industrial waste can be pressed with a compactor? The most diverse: cardboard, plastic, printing waste, waste paper, metal cans, plastic sheeting or PET bottle, household waste, biowaste, etc.

The compactor has high reliability, in it there is practically nothing to break. It can be operated in a wide range of temperatures – from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C, is equipped with protective sensors that monitor all parameters of its operation and meets all safety requirements. The compactor takes up little space, it is very easy to work with.